100 watt ham transmitter near a blue
(2020-03-04, 21:57)cutty Wrote:
(2020-03-04, 21:49)cutty Wrote:
(2020-03-04, 01:29)braind Wrote:
(2020-03-03, 19:04)readbueno Wrote: I have a similar situation TS680S, 100 watts, and had no problem. For higher powers there might be and separation of the antennas and ferites on all the leads might help.

i've recently had problems with 400w on 160m about 15m from my ferrite rod aerials. THe H preamp seems to have failed in my blue. Is a schematic available for it?

Login to your Blitzortung.org account, and look under hardware in the compendium. We don't publish direct links or schematics  on the public forum.
I'm not a HAM, but isn't there a 100w ERP limit on 160M?

Thanks, I've found the diagrams. looks like the 49.9 ohm resistors on the output of the preamp have failed and probably the op amps too., possibly pickup on the interconnecting lead, not shielded, must replace with shielded cable as it runs across  my earth mat.  We are allowed 400w pep on the lower part of 160m in theUK but only 32 w above 1850 KHz.

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