(2020-03-07, 08:33)tpweather Wrote: Hi All
My GPS was working fine, then it stopped. I did unplug it from the box to tidy up the cables. Now nothing. Any suggestions?
Many thanks

I had one situation couple of years ago.... I found the barrel part of the onboard connector had broken loose *threaded shield* from the housing. Took a pair of side cutters, and gently 'creased' the barrel part a couplle of times.  Used pliers to press the two parts together.... no more issues... hope you can viisualize that:
[Image: jack.png]

If you've NOT done a complete, cold (power removed) restart of the controller, and allowed time for the system to completely stabilize with full GPS availability, you might want to do so..  

This particular attached example took an extremely long time to completely stabilize, (unusual) though It did start 1PPS at about 65% ... may ot start 1PPS untial a995% or higher.... so be patient!

Also we have this generic info here:

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