tpweather Wrote:
tpweather Wrote:Hi All
My GPS was working fine, then it stopped. I did unplug it from the box to tidy up the cables. Now nothing. Any suggestions?
Many thanks

Thanks mate. I did a cold reboot as you said and left it overnight. GPS kicked in but now no reception. I guess its because of where I live.
I've attached screenshots and a pi of the antenna I'm using.
That is fairly old GPS firmware.
Mine is at Mediatek with 115200baud (FW: AXN_3.8_3333_16072100,8397)
You might want to try and upgrade.

There has also been posts about GPS week number roll-over issues. A firmware might or might not fix this. There are posts on this forum how to do the firmware upgrade.
GPS week number roll-over issue
The GPS system counts time in weeks since Sunday, 6 January 1980. A GNSS receiver reads this
week number for the current date from the GPS L1 C/A signal and then translates it to traditional
date presentation. E.g. the NMEA GPRMC message displays the current day, month and year.
Unfortunately the GPS L1 C/A signal presents the GPS week number with only 10 bits. Thus, the week
number rolls from 1023 to 0 every 19.6 years. It has now rolled over twice since start of the GPS era in
January 1980. These roll-overs have happened in August 1999, and now recently in April 2019. The
next one will happen in November 2038.
If the receiver uses only the GPS L1 C/A signal there is no way of knowing how many times the week
number has already rolled over, so the receiver cannot know if week number 10 means 16 Mar 1980,
31 Oct 1999, or 16 Jun 2019. The receiver tries to determine the correct date, but it may show a 20-year-old or 40-year-old date.
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