Purple Rain Radar Signature?
Hey folks, 
been using the lightningmaps site for a few years now. However just tonight I saw a large purple "cloud". I've never seen this before is this a really thick cloud? Noteable the image vanished in the few minutes it took me to discover this forum. Clouds don't just vanish right? I'm pretty sure this was somewhere over the southwestern states. 
I should point out that this was at night. I know weather radar isn't as reliable at night. Also, not saying it was but the purple cloud had a shape you would expect from a splash or an explosion. 

 Are their any other colors I might see other than green, yellow, red, pink and white?
Is there a "legend" somewhere for the lightningmaps site? 

Thank you all for your replies.

edit: Interestingly the same thing happened in the same general region, tonight. I managed to get a screen shot before it disappeared. Leaning more towards some kind of error?

edit 2: Added 2nd image showing the same place moments after posting. The signature is gone again.

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