Participation accepted, then no more responses
(2020-09-26, 22:26)dupreezd Wrote: Kna, this username shows you registered today and spent 22 minutes online.

On August 14th, I received an email from Egon Wanke offering me to participate in the network, after I believe 2 years of waiting.
Did you register under another username and email address two years ago?
To which username did Egon sent the invitation?

Hello, thx for your reply.

I simply replied to Egon's message he sent to the email adress I used to register as a "prospective participant" some time ago.
I checked that to be sure I haven't registered then with another email, now rerouted to the one where I received the message.
So Egon and I always used my same and current email adressn that I also used to register to this forum yesterday.
In addition, Egon's original message was quoted in my answers to avoid possible doubts.

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