Participation accepted, then no more responses
(2020-09-27, 09:10)Kna Wrote:
(2020-09-26, 22:26)dupreezd Wrote: Kna, this username shows you registered today and spent 22 minutes online.

On August 14th, I received an email from Egon Wanke offering me to participate in the network, after I believe 2 years of waiting.
Did you register under another username and email address two years ago?
To which username did Egon sent the invitation?

Hello, thx for your reply.

I simply replied to Egon's message he sent to the email adress I used to register as a "prospective participant" some time ago.
I checked that to be sure I haven't registered then with another email, now rerouted to the one where I received the message.
So Egon and I always used my same and current email adressn that I also used to register to this forum yesterday.
In addition, Egon's original message was quoted in my answers to avoid possible doubts.
Check back through your emails: junk, etc....
If you responded to the invitation with an actual order for system, you should have received an invoice by email with PayPal or similar instructions. Once Egon received that, he would have shipped your system as ordered.
If you find no such communication, you should email him directly describing the situation.
Note that this is also an extremely busy time of year for him in 'real life', and it's possible you did get lost in the shuffle.

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