Participation accepted, then no more responses
(2020-10-01, 05:08)Kna Wrote: For those who will read this thread later, I finally got an answer by email from Egon Wanke, my system blue is on its way and should arrive soon.
Lightning Excellent Smile !!!!
Wecome aboard!  Be sure to re-read those instructional PDFs from the "Cover Your Area" page... many things NOT covered by the sys BLUE document are explained in the sys RED doc... Red is Blue's father, and operationally they are very similar.  Initializing Blue Basic system is only slightly different,...a few more steps if installing optional filters, etc.
Make sure you configure your system antennas correctly on the registration page, and make sure "anonymous" is set to "N" or your station will not show on stats after it fires up and sends a few signals!

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