Station 2828 Running
Well I build mine the other weekend and have had it running for a bit now. Could do with some advice on how to interpret the data I am getting so that I can improve on my results.

Not get a lot of contacts so far but I haven't mounted anything in a final location. 

I am looking to design a build a holder for the Ferrite rods, I have 3 of them and was wondering is it best to lay them in a triangle as seen on some of the manual shots or mount them at 90 and the 3rd at 90 vertically? I have a laser cutter and plan to use that to cut out the brackets but before I design them has anyone else already done designs.
Station 2828 - LM or BT
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Lots of people mount theirs in a Delta when using three ferrites. I have mine in a Y as all the end with the wires are close together. I mounted the H-Amp on a 3" high stand of block near the ends.

It is not recommended to mount the third one Vertical as it will pickup a whole of interference which a lot of folks discovered.
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