Christmas Spirit Colours
(2020-12-03, 14:54)mwaters Wrote: Bah, humbug! Magenta?  Big Grin  Wink
(2020-12-04, 05:57)vinesweather Wrote: Yes. Magenta is a crap colour. LOL.

NO NO NO... Even a cow patty will eventually lead to more beef and bread on the table, if you analyze the process.

Without MAGENTA You couldn't have the color Pink, and some folks would go flippin' flamingos bonkers... come to think of it, there'd be none of those horrid  flamingo lawn ornaments, so that may add some credibility to the crap theory... as I'm also not particularly fond of BLATANT magentanarianism.

HOWEVER (e.g.): a demagentacised reality:
...the process color industry, printed advertising, and associated sciences would be trash. My CMYK printers wouldn't exist. Without magenta, they're be no CMYK color system. Without Magenta, we'd have never had color television...we'd never drive balance a green crt gun for grey-scale without magenta.  Without magenta, they're be a big hole in the RGB color wheel between blue and red. Without magenta we'd live in a world of teal and yellow or worse.

An Absence of Magenta in a person's aura indicates depression, irritability, and arrogance, while an excess in an aura, or in the number of pink lawn ornaments, for example, may  indicate intolerance, domination and impulsiveness

Magenta indicates a sense or humor, creativity, harmony, balance, universal love, compassion, cooperation, kindness, contentment, self-respect, tolerance, gentleness, spontaneity, salvation and royalty.

Keeping in mind, however, that the referenced hideous pink flamingo statuary may be plugged into a beautiful lawn or garden courtesy of earthworm excrement, or processed ex-cow-patties, this reviewer concludes, therefore, that when balanced with other primary and secondary hues and tones, magenta appears totally appropriate as a Christmas Color.

hmmm... there appears to be an absence of magenta in my signature... must fix, maybe, someday.

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