Free to loving UK home - two system blue digital filters
I bought six of the System Blue digital filter chips from Ebay, but used only four of them.  LTC1569CS8-7 LTC1569-7 SOP-8.

I offer the remaining two free to a good UK home.  (I've nothing against the rest of the world, but I don't fancy fighting customs forms, etc.)

They were stupidly expensive (and not in stock) from normal UK component distributors, but cheap from Hong Kong.  The four I've used seem to work.

(Back when I worked for a UK chip manufacturing company, some of our chip batches that failed production test would sometimes turn up in Chinese-made products.)

I don't know how this forum supports messaging, but should find me.

Hmmm, this is interesting! I have a friend who might be interested but he is on vacation at his mom's house in Larnaca here. I will give him a call later today and see if he is willing to take it for his home in UK.

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