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(2023-10-04, 14:51)cutty Wrote:
(2023-10-04, 08:46)kaklik Wrote: Sorry, there may be a misunderstanding. My question is about rendering binary maps from historical (probably JSON data records). I understand that storing the binary image needs a vast space. However, I do not understand if there exist data records of individual lightning in JSON or another database. Or do you mean that historical data does not exist at all in any form?

Yes. Some such  files exist. Some historic data was lost due to a server farm fire a couple of years ago.  Excluding a few scientific research institutions, this data is ONLY available to registered station operators, with proper credentials and not available publicly. I'm not sure of the extent of storage since I rarely access it, but at one point it was limited to current as far back as perhaps one year.

Many thanks for that reply! I had asked on multiple treads on that but without a usable answer. I am aware that data are available only to registered station operators (our institution has). However, I am facing issues getting access to historical data because I do not know how the period was affected by the farm fire.  Do you have some exact information about permanently lost data intervals? I am specifically interested in some dates in 2022: June 24, August 26, and September 9 for data from central Europe.  I need these data for scientific analysis. 
We are also able to provide data storage to your network or something similar which could help you to solve these issues.

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