Lighning - a panic dog
Hi All of you and greetings from Austria.

I'm using a Home Automatization System Homematic from ELV together with ioBroker. My dog is superscared on Thunderstorms, especially on lighnings, she will go to superpanic level. 
My plan is to close the blinds (Rollläden) automatically as soon as a thunderstorm approaches.  It is then dark and she is then no longer afraid and in panic mode because she cannot see the lightning.
I have tried a lightning sensor on ESP basis with the Franklin sensor, but unfortunately failed, I can not get it to work, I guess my soldering skills are too bad Wink
My question now, is it possible to access the real time data in a certain radius directly to have the blinds close automatically with eg. ioBroker? I mean, instead of seeing the web page and the Lightning events zoomed to the area on screen just the data of the Lightning events in that area.

Thanke & DANKE für some hints!

Have a great evening, Andreas
I am impressed. There is a lot of support here Wink Not even a "no, that's impossible". Too bad, because I would have looked forward to an answer.
Many times members will not respond to a query where it appears the the answer can be derived from the public web page.. for example project discription, and disclaimers." is not an official authority for lightning or thunderstorm data. The data shown on our website is provided only for private and entertainment purposes. The project "" is for the contributors merely a voluntary leisure activity.

It is not allowed to use our lightning data for storm warning systems, for plausibility checks of overvoltage damages, or risk analysis for precautionary protection of high-quality technology, even if the data are not obtained directly from our site but from third-party websites.

Stations: 689, 791, 1439, 3020
Thanks a lot. It's for private use.  Meanwhile, I helped myself and my dog using
It's works, the blinds are getting closed. Smile

A couple of years ago, I wanted to support the coverage, but there is no (or maybe there is now) a RaspberryPi based system available.

LG, Andi

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