Who would like to sell his system red?
(2021-06-21, 22:05)cutty Wrote:
(2021-06-21, 15:56)NHSA_Rainer Wrote:
(2021-06-21, 04:16)starlord Wrote: if u go on the map there are alot stations, wich are offline since eternity, some have contact adresses or websites attached to them, i would go and search around, so u may buy a working system wich is for some reasons not longer online..
i dont think u will find alot here, cuz here are mostly active members, and those offline stations are not longer active in the forums to. so chances are 50 50 droped the projekt or not noticed the system stopped working.

my station didnt go online, cuz no time to build it as it arrived years after ordered it, and later i got the letter it had the wrong firmware and i had no option to upgrade the right one cuz lacking of programming hardware...
so even if i had completed mine it hadnt worked cuz wrong firmware from a red system on my blue..

as i ordered mine i was sourounded by offline stations, and that hasnt changed since that day...

What programming software is needed for upgrading it ?

Are you selling it and if yes, where are you located ?

regards Rainer
The firmware can be upgraded or downgraded by simply downloading a file and using the GUI.   If he's loaded RED firmware onto a BLUE system, it may be a bit trickier.  There is software package available to flash 'manually'... see the two PDF documents on the 'cover your area' page.
My system was one of those that was flashed with Red Firmware on a Blue system. I received an email from Egon alerting me about it.

First down load the Blue Firmware.Then download and install the FfuseDemo sotware on a Windows computer. Connect the controller via the USB port to the computer. Boot the system into DFU mode. Start the Demo program, select the firmware and install. Done.
The whole process is documented in the System Blue assembly instructions (PDF)
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