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(2021-06-20, 17:58)NHSA_Rainer Wrote: Hi,

I am on the waiting list but it would  good to know, in case I got ot a place where I am allowed to get a suystem, if there is something like a price list as well as a list of what is included and how much does every non essential part cost.

I am retired and well as many other retirees the finances are not the same as if on would be chasing the daily burger or Taco  Big Grin

Thanks and regards Rainer
Rainer, When I bought my system end of 2017, I paid 180Euro for the Controller part. This is the only essential part and with that you can send signals when you add the the H antennas and E probe. ($213.42 today exchange rate)

The ferrite rods are no longer available from the person that used to make them. You can roll you own or make  loops (easiest and cost effective)
The E probe is just a 100mm piece of copper wire.

Case to house the Controller, 64Euro. There are postings how to print your own using a 3D printer or leave it bare. ($75.88)
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