Impressive Gigantic Jet Plasma Event

This Gigantic Jet plasma event occurred over a very powerful thunderstorm near the Virgin Islands and also near Tropical Storm Peter. It was recorded on Sept 20, 2021, at 10:41 pm (02:41 UTC) facing NE from Cabo Rojo, PR. I can't believe that this camera was able to capture the amazing details of the event.
Here is a link to the Vimeo 4k footage of this event:

Impressive! And Gigantic is right: look at the trees. Apparently, this was done with an ordinary camera lens, and not zoomed in. The video is only 6 seconds long, and the picture above was only microseconds long.

I shared this here hoping that the Blitzortung network had recorded it, and had more details about its intensity (such as how far away was it detected, and by how many stations across the globe).
Mike W.
Stations: 1977, 2294

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