South East Asia possibilties

I have been quite interested in Blitzortung for a long while now and use the website regularly when I am in Europe.
However, I have only just signed up, the reason being is that I have a question that I hope someone may be able to answer.

The coverage of strikes around the area in which I am located appears to be a little scant.
This area happens to be Thailand and I have just spent 3 hours watching yet another a stunning lightning show here.

I am a radio amateur and understand many aspects of mainly HF propagation but VLF is not something I have much experience with.
Therefore, I was wondering if a detecting station located in Bangkok would be of any benefit to the overall Blitzortung network?
Would one station here offer any benefit to coverage in the south east asian area, or would one station be inadequate and possibly make no difference at all?

The ambient noise level for HF radio in the city is high, maybe even too high for a VLF station to function. I'm not sure.
But it might be possible for me to construct a remote station around 300km outside of Bangkok where it is electrically very quiet. This would however be a challenge.

I haven't registered to be notified when new hardware might be available as I don't wish to waste anyones time or effort on something unless it would be useful.

So, I would be interested in what those more knowledgable than I think about this.
Please share your thoughts.


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