Lightning strikes displayed in South Africa
(2021-10-21, 17:11)Eric.Wouters Wrote: the short answer, not enough active detectors locally. I see only 3 online and that's not enough for reliable detection down there.

...adding to Eric's reply...
      Although the current South Africa stations are supported by stations much further away, in other regions, often the 'time window' is exceeded, and very poor skywave data received by those distant supporting stations is not usable for stroke validation...
This thread might illustrate why 'low station density' areas, such as South Africa, don't receive a lot of help from other regions. The Absolute MINIMUM of 'good signals' required for TOA / TOGA locating is 4.  Most regions require a minimum of 8-14 'valid' signals.

Stations: 689, 791, 1439

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