Analogic Blitzortung

A new thread regarding the topic of lightning physic. I found this article in wikipedia extremly interesting and I want to try it.... Franklin bells. Below some pictures of it:




The part a) consists in a kind of antenna totally isolated from the ground. I bought a metallic sphere in order to avoid any kind of corona discharge of the structure. The sphere is connected to the Franklins bell structure, more exactly on the left bell. 

On b) we can see that the left bell is very close to the right one and in-between there is a small metallic bead (piercing material) also isolated from the ground which can oscillate freely between the two bells. A pendulum so to speak. The right bell is connected to the ground.

During keraunic activity the antenna and de facto the bell is charged, the small bead (if initially connected to the antenna bell) will also be charged with the same polarity. At some points the charge is high enough so that the electrostatic forces repulse the small bead to the ground charged bell, and vice versa... The system is ringing.

I thought that this was not really efficiently working, the electrical storm of yesterday proved me that I was wrong.


Another evidence of this principlein this video Franklin's bell.

Do not hesitate to send me feedback if you want some more information or if you have questions. 

Looking forward to it.

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