Thank you, blitzortung
(2022-08-11, 20:35)dupreezd Wrote:
(2022-08-11, 08:51)ThunderStorm Wrote: Beside my actual job and my involvement into blitzortung project, I gained an interest in drone videography / filmmaking.

     I own two drones, and by winter, two more. I intend to make this drone videography hobby, into my primary job, in about two years or so.

     About 20% of my footage are captures and time-lapses of weather phenomena, and proud to announce that right now, blitzortung is my primary source of real-time weather data when I'm up there with the drone and filming some weather phenomena.

     Here are some captures of thunderstorms and lightnings that were only possible with the help of blitzortung near-realtime data.

Wow, what great pictures.

Thanks! One problem, I cannot see the attached photos in my post.
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