GPS antennea seems to die, is this typical of inexpensive units?
(2022-11-20, 05:26)nerd65 Wrote: I think, at the end of the day, if you've installed firmware 9.4 in the unit and it's working as expected then that's all you need to do.  It would be nice to update the GPS firmware as well but I wouldn't get too stressed over it unless you want to also use the unit as a NTP time server.  For me, I've installed firmware 9.4 and the unit is working fine.  If the fancy takes me I'll have a go at the GPS as well but I don't see it as a priority.

Ta, I have installed 9.4, it boots and I can see the web interface but it's only got power and network connected, as it is removed from its normal home to access the USB port.

As the root cause of the problem is the GPS I'd like to sort that out so it's correct. I don't use the NTP feature but I might in the future. Fair chance I'll have forgotten about this issue by then... Don't really like having the receivers firmware tweaked to "correct" it either but that's now done and 9.4 has some other tidying up as well.

Pragmatically, return it to its home, check it's working properly and let it get on with it...

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