Powering Blue Board
(2023-01-07, 20:49)lostinignorance Wrote: I am looking for ideas on the feasibility of possibly of powering the system blue.

POE powered:
Use a POE to USB adapter (Something like PoE Splitter with MicroUSB Plug)

Solar with super caps
Use more super caps, but concept is there (Something like 5v Solar Power Supply)

Can anyone lend some incite into how they have been powering their devices outside of the basic USB plug?

Power it as it is designed to be powered:  a good quality USB 5V supply.  Don't waste your time trying to innovate with power supplies unless there is some extreme reason to do so. You're working in the 'noise' band trying to select some specific noises. Don't add opportunities for more noise... especially when installing and optimizing, and learning what you've joined.
Folks have done both... success varies per individual, location, need, etc.
Solar Supplies are notorious for noise. The controller needs to be where you can access it so why POE?  Poor, noisy power supplies and many so called 'chargers' are a big percentage of 'issues' with systems.  If the currently installed jack has power to the controller 5V line, you can POE, but why????  You sure don't want a glitch sending 48V hard and heavy spike into the controller! Do NOT underestimate the importance of the designed power supply, but you really don't need to 'overkill' either.

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