Powering Blue Board
(2023-05-30, 07:54)Alex123 Wrote:
(2023-01-07, 20:49)lostinignorance Wrote: I am looking for ideas on the feasibility of possibly of powering the system blue.

POE powered:
Use a POE to USB adapter (Something like PoE Splitter with MicroUSB Plug)

Solar with super caps
Use more super caps, but concept is there (Something like 5v Solar Power Supply)

Can anyone lend some incite into how they have been powering their devices outside of the basic USB plug
I use simple linear power suplly. Ordered here: https://famaga.com/catalog.

Just get a *long* list of brand names, no particular product...

Anyway the mention of super caps and solar caught my eye, especially after a quick look on eBay found 2.7 V 500 F jobies for less than GBP10.00 each. But unless I've got the maths seriosly wrong, a couple of series super caps of that sort of rating will struggle to power a Blue for an hour and would need a boost DC-DC convertor to manage that.

Ecap = (C * V^2)/2 = (500 * 5.4^2)/2 = 7290 J = 2 Whr.
A blue draws about 350 mA @ 5 V = 1.75 W

Have a got something wrong?


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