What Sensor is Best Suited for My Needs?
Hello Blitzortung community,
I am seeking advice on which lightning detection sensor would be best suited for my needs, taking into account the following criteria in order of importance: 

1. Accuracy - I require a lightning detection sensor that can provide precise strike data. 
2. Real-time detection - It is important that the sensor detects strikes as soon as possible. 
3. Sensitivity - As I am in a flat region surrounded by mountains, I need a lightning detection sensor with high sensitivity to detect strikes from a distance. 
4. Mountainous surroundings - The sensor should be capable of detecting strikes in mountainous surroundings. Coverage - I would like the sensor to have good coverage of the area, even in difficult terrain. 
5. Other important factors - Any other important factors that I should consider when selecting a lightning detection sensor. 

If you have experience with lightning detection sensors in Europe, particularly in flat regions with mountainous surroundings, or have any other insights or recommendations to share, please let me know. Thank you in advance for your help!

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