System Blue is not working after winter closure
Hi friends,

some weeks ago I started my system blue to participate again in the cummunity. But unfortunately, the system is not running correctly. I donĀ“t got GPS sync and the error LED flashed some times (like inidication of a lightning). I changed the now the GPS mouse, but same result. Also the GPS LED remained dark. Maybe the VLF amplifier got an over-voltage??? No idea. I like to change the VLF amplifier now and like to know where to get? Or should I let check the PCB, maybe for a larger damage?

Thanks for your response!

Jens (1633)
Stations: 1633
Try updating the firmware, some of the units have an issue with the GPS as there was a GPS rollover date thing. Think Y2k but for GPS recivers.
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Thanks, that helped, it was the PS week rollover problem.

Stations: 1633

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