System Blue wait list suggestion
Hello everyone!

Station #1384 owner here (version RED), and active participant for gosh.. five years or so?  Probably much longer, actually!

Anyway, I know I, like many others, are patiently and excitedly awaiting our turn for an opportunity to purchase a system "Blue" station.  I've personally been on the waiting list for at least two or three years I think, and am only about 1/2 way up the list so far.

I realize there's a limited number of kits to sell, and it takes time.

All that said..

Might it make sense to do some sort of "refresh" of the list, in order to remove any emails/folks who may no longer have any interest in buying one?  I'm sure there's got to be a number of people who simply have no further interest, yet are still taking-up a spot.

I don't know if that would actually speed things up or not, for those who DO want one, but at least it might not look quite so disheartening if one was only say, #1000 from the top, instead of #4800 LOL!

Also, just curious:  Does anyone know roughly how many of these kits are being made/shipped monthly, on average?  Are they even still shipping any?

Perhaps I missed the thread, but nothing really stood out so far as where things are at currently.

Anyway, I'm sure there's bigger fish to fry here, but I'm just keen (and have a really cool location to put one, if I get it... At the top of a lighthouse in a bay!)  The keeper still asks me from time to time if I'm still getting one, and I'm like "one of these days" lol!

Take care everyone!
Hal Smile
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