Please put Kosovo with its own borders
(2024-03-27, 09:14)Egon Wrote: Dear valdrinshala,

I have adapted all the maps on They should be correct now. I have no influence on the maps of These maps are managed by Tobias and are from an old database. All fixed size maps only serve as a background for lightning data. This means that all old historical maps now also appear with the border of Kosovo. For dynamic maps, the map data comes from the database. These maps should all be current.


Thank you for your reply.

I see that on the they have been fixed, but in some of them they are not in the correct shape of the map of Kosovo, it was done only for eyes and face!

Here is the link with the correct shape of Kosovo's map:

Is it possible to update the other links with the same map, please?

All the best,

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