(2023-11-25, 07:25)Egon Wrote: Dear Cutty,

can someone explain to me in more detail what shouldn't work? From my point of view everything is going well. What do you mean by LMO exactly?


Hi Egon...
He was referring to Tobi's LightningMaps.org ....  a lot of us have taken to using 'LMO' as 'Lightning Maps Org" when referring to that platform... sometimes some of us may use "BT" for the system, or for the Blitzortung website.... it looked to me like the LMO platform, at that time anyway, wasn't loading and displaying data from Oceania... perhaps others... I wasn't sure about the 'accuracy' of the data from my stations North America ... all on the Lightningmaps platform.
It looks like current data isn't updating on LMO... My stations at the moment are showing "zeroes"
NO ISSUES whatever, that I saw, on Blitzortung pages...

Has the IBOD servers status changed?  I'd not noticed both 1 and 2 active at same time, other than really high demands.... but I hadn't looked at them in months....

I Hope to have one of Tonu's 19.7 systems active soon...."3020" ... I'm getting too old for this. Sad Rolleyes


Stations: 689, 791, 1439, 3020

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