Map active Stations Blitzortung Europe
Hello everyone,
I'm Patrick from France and I've made an interactive map of Blitzortung Stations active for Europe.
With this link you have the map, on the map each country has its color, a click on a station opens a popup with the station number and statistics in blue, a click on statistics opens the state web page of the station.
To view the list of countries and Stations, click on Browse Data at the bottom or on the left panel. This map is updated manually, if you are a new active station and you are not on the map leave me a private message.
I wish you a happy navigation in all colors.

Best regards

Patrick Lightning

Station: 3059
Nice work, many thanks!
Stations: 2065, 2398, 2729, 3058
(2024-06-22, 16:53)gerbold Wrote: Nice work, many thanks!

Thank you too


Station: 3059 Lightning

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