Kit Construction
(2014-04-18, 07:37)Ross.Wheeler Wrote:
(2014-04-16, 05:34)N1LF Wrote: I'm looking for another forum member who would be willing to assemble the kit on my behalf.

Hi Les, I'm happy to help out - but being located in Australia I suspect the extra freight might be problematic.


Thank you for your kind offer of assistance. I do have immediate access to a suitable station location, and would be happy to reimburse you for both the cost of the unit, your labor involved in building it, and shipping to the USA. Could you think about that a bit, and let me know how much it's worth to you?

I'm having trouble sending e-mails through the forum, but I'm "good on" as they say, and you can find my e-mail address there.

Again, thank you.


Les Rayburn, N1LF

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