Newbie? As the same ... you reply!?
I guess I 'll write here , to avoid confusion.

Contents letter:

I am very interested in your Projects.
I would like to participate in it. I'm in Armavir, Russia. On the map
My location seems advantageous in terms of location already working

But the price of 200 euros is too big for me .. and 100 too .. ((
I have extensive experience in the development of electronic devices ..
maybe I can make myself any parts .. controller board PCB, antenna, etc. ..
I already have a GPS receiver, (TTL, 1pps), there ethernet controller
(ENC28J60) .. power .. etc ..
So .. Discovery STM32f407 will have to buy.
Say me, I can buy only the active components (IC's) for AMP and PCB?

I also have server running Linux. 24/7. My weather station is working on it.
Perhaps you have outdated controller boards (Green?) .. Which will cost less and be able to work with my server?

Maybe there is any way to reduce the price of the kit?
I'd like to participate .. but financial constraints do not allow to do so.
Regards Vadim!.

This Saturday and Sunday(20 and 21 April) was a thunderstorm over us. Directly over our city.
I watched online storm outside and on your maps.)​​)
On your map error in determining the lightning was 50-90 kilometers.


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