Assembled my E-field kit.
(2014-06-17, 12:50)Remy Brandt Wrote: Not gonna work here Smile We have stallions and the fence loop is more than five kilometre,drop down distance runs for miles ;D
I knew that when I got eye on this project.
Just it's more severe than I imagined from reading in.
Maybe it's because we have the M700 clock it's heavy duty stuff 10KV Jurassic park style used in wild parks and other serious animal stuff.
E antenna here is no go for at least 2000 meters Smile
I made the whole fence stuff here,there is no way to drop interference because the short burst makes the thing save.
Dropping voltage makes it harder to jump from wire thorough the fur to the animal.
If the installation here drops below 8000V we are late mowing grass.
Rolleyes Well, you could maybe sell the stallions and turn off the fence... Lightning

How high is your probe above ground? Also wondering how a shorter probe would perform...

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