LPATS IV - what could i do with it?
(2014-06-15, 23:04)djbengan Wrote: Do you got any antenna pictures?

the GPS antenna is the white cone-like one, the Sense antenna is the fibreglass whip, mounted in the white plastic bracket just below and to the left of the GPS antenna
[Image: 100_1020.JPG]

From slightly further back, the sense antenna (complete with anti-static ball on top) is more visible here.
[Image: 100_1021.JPG]

(2014-06-16, 00:14)HamelGre Wrote: Wow, that must have cost a bundle back in the day.

I was told they were around $60,000 each back in the day.
Seems a little OTT to me, but who knows...
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