Strike accuracy question
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I saw something last night that I had a question about. There were some storms last night slightly north of where I live. It appears that the positions of the detected lightning overshot where the lightning actually was. I think this is possibly because there were no stations receiving the lightning to the southeast of where the lightning was, and the system was just making a best guess as to where the strikes were given that it actually couldn't triangulate it on three sides.

See the attached screen shots of the radar in the area, and the Blitzortung web page. From the Wilmington area to the southeast, it was actually clear air, with no lightning.

As soon as kits are available, I'm on board with adding a station here. Hopefully that will help.
We don't use "best guess", and we don't use triangulation.
We did't know anything about direction, as we use TOA (Time of arrival)
Please read project description
Page 10-16

Stations: 584, 585, 2017
Also remember that lightning strokes don't necessarily coincide with radar precipitation or wind displays. And, if the stroke marker displays, than it was in fact detected by at least 6 differently located receivers.

Yes a station is most needed in your area!
But do understand the project description PDF before you make that commitment!
After that, come hang out with us at


Stations: 689, 791, 1439, 3020

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