Missing Parts - 47 ohm resistors
Egon responded to my query about the 49.9 ohm substitution on the internal forum by verifying he had run out of the 47 ohm parts. It's fine to substitute in the 49.9 ohm parts. I've built two controllers/h-field amps with the substituted parts, and they work fine.



(2014-07-18, 00:48)gadjex Wrote: I got my red kit in yesterday Smile for the Amplifier 12 Ver 3c and Controller 10 Ver 4 and I used the inventory sheets to inventory the order. I received a few extra parts and I am missing a few parts. I am missing 3 - 47 ohm metal film resistors. I have 3 extra 49.9 ohm metal film resistors and 1 1N4148 Diode. Can I substitute the 49.9 ohm for the 47 ohm? The amp needs 2 and the controller needs 1? I used a Fluke multimeter to check the value of all the resistors and double checked that I am missing the 47 ohm ones.

Edit: Found where the 6 extra 2.2k metal film resistors go. OOPs Big Grin

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