Missing Parts - 47 ohm resistors
I thought this a bit strange. After >40 years of squinting at color codes the number 47 seemed familiar to me.

So I looked in my resistor rack and found 47Ohm 1%. And I this is a standard assortment rack.
Then I checked with one of my preferred suppliers.
Axial leaded, 50Ohm, <250mW, 1% or better: 6 products found.
Axial leaded, 47Ohm, <250mW, 1% or better: 6 products found.

For a BO kit either you get just that: a kit. And it probably could be in the build instructions that if you don't find the exact value, use the closest there is in the kit.

For most of those buying the components, Anders comment above is good reading.

When designing something I don't specify a % on the value unless it need to be. Even if that have become the standard component. That is a way of telling that it is a chosen value rather than an exact calculated value. Again: ref. Anders post.

If parachuted into the most remote corner of the world to build a kit, and having to beg the parts from the local radio shaman, you would most likely be getting E24 parts.

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