Lightning strikes heard, but did not appear on map.
(2014-08-06, 18:08)F0NIX Wrote: Hello, I'm a new user in this forum Smile
I live in Tromsø in northern part of Norway. Normaly we do not have much lightning here. But last year we had a few days. And this year it has been lighting strikes many times through the summer. We have had especially hot weather thats not normal for this region, so that is the reason for all those lightining strikes.
I first discovered this site when a newspaper posted a picture of the map when the bad weather was coming up from the south in the country. And I have visited this site regualary since. It seems that none of the strikes in the northern part of norway is detected at all. I know there is no detectors here, but it seems that they have a pretty good range? I see detectors in northern Finnland detecting strikes in Germany and Poland...
Will the high mountains in my region interfere with the detections from far away? I see the closest detector is in Trondheim (in middle of Norway) and the ones in northern Finland.

Would it help for the rest of the northern part of Scandinavia if I got an detector here?
Is there special requriements besides power for the electronics and internetconnection that is required for this to work?

That's because YOU were not participating, or you had seen much more. Smile
There should actually just one or two more stations in your area at a reasonable coverage

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