Lightning strikes heard, but did not appear on map.
(2014-08-29, 17:10)BobW Wrote: That's with the antenna on my porch about 10 feet away from my computer, router, TV not much further. 23 kv single phase power line 30 feet off the ground 30 feet away horizontally makes about 200 mv of AC on the loops to ground. Not much magnetic influence from any of that though. Did a digital 1 k high pass to remove what little was encoded by the ADC. Filter that is on amp board should do the same.

Antenna will be about 70 feet away from house when installed.

BobW, it looks like you are ready to go... Big Grin

What kit did you order? Was it the H-field, E-field or both of them? You seem to be one who is quit technically knowledgeable; however, please do not attempt to make any circuit changes to any of the boards. The network algorithms have been set up to expect inputs from identical stations reporting data. Any changes to the circuitry would most likely alter the input signals from any station that is not standard and thus, would confuse and/or invalidate the inputs.

If you haven't already, check-out the WXFORUM forum that has a complete board on Blitzortung along with step-by-step instructions that will guide you through the assembly process. There are also many posts that will assist in troubleshooting. Taht forum can be found at WXFORUM.
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