Lightning strikes heard, but did not appear on map.
(2014-08-29, 18:11)W3DRM Wrote: What kit did you order? Was it the H-field, E-field or both of them? You seem to be one who is quit technically knowledgeable; however, please do not attempt to make any circuit changes to any of the boards. The network algorithms have been set up to expect inputs from identical stations reporting data. Any changes to the circuitry would most likely alter the input signals from any station that is not standard and thus, would confuse and/or invalidate the inputs.

H-field. Probably too noisy here for E-field.
As far as any board changes.... Nope. The things I have in mind have to do with the antennas, and getting the signals from them into the amplifier unmolested. The amp and controller will either like what it's getting, or not.

I've got years of experience with RF, carrier, and high voltage environments, and getting small signals long distances on copper with no introduced noise.

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