Lightning strikes heard, but did not appear on map.
H field antennas connect with very short leads directly to amplifier... amp to controller with shielded CAT5e/6 cable. This should be as short as possible,...<25-30' say) not about noise... but about signal delay.... anything introducing extra delay or shape/frequency distortion isn't cool. H field can stay inside, if noise environment friendly. Slightly wider BP then E field ...<150kHz
E field probe... preamp connects directly to probe, view it as single unit. Connects with shielded coax of virtually any length to amplifier, which should connect with shortest possible (1ft?) Shielded CAt5E/6 to the controller. E probe/preamp mounts outside, several feet above ground, away from structures, trees, noise sources... . Coax characteristics is critical part of the filtering for the E system. <50kHz

What type of noise do you have that won't bother H field, but would mess with E field???? Remember, we're not much interested in anything above 50kHz, and most concerned with 5-30Khz (5-20)....

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