Phoenix, Arizona, a hole in the coverage?
(2014-07-24, 22:15)Jonathan.Williams Wrote:
(2014-07-24, 21:14)jerrya Wrote:
(2014-07-24, 09:54)Dr Obbins Wrote: This was an answer to a similar question and basically applies to yours as well. More stations are still needed in the USA.
Quote:Between the DC region and Florida, there is indeed a "gap" without stations. Typically, to detect strikes in NC would probably require the participation of (at the closest) some of the DC region stations, Florida stations, and Kentucky stations. So lower-intensity strikes might get missed, anyway, due to the distance...and if enough of the surrounding stations are in interference mode due to storms in their immediate vicinity, stations even farther away would need to do the detecting. It's a situation higher density of stations will help quite a bit.

It's also possible that the strikes were cloud-to-cloud, which the Blitzortung system (like most lightning detection networks) filters out.


Observationally, we do have a lot of cloud to cloud strikes here. That could very well explain what I saw on the map since nearby areas (100 - 200 miles away) did register.

Is there a map that shows where the stations are?

If you go here:

...and click the "more" button on the upper right, you'll see a checkbox for "stations". However, some of the stations are likely not depicted if they've been offline for a while.

A complete list can be found under the "participants" tab here.

Ah! Thank you, very interesting.

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