Surplus Anyone?
What a bummer! For a couple of years I was thinking about my own lighning detection and finally I found the Blitzortung system
and after hours, days or weeks trying to understand the technique and requirements my conclusion was, that this could work for me.
So let's order one, I thought. Holiday comes and it is thunderstorm season.

But yesterday I got feedback that there are no PCBs available anymore even for a longer time.
... maybe a lot of people thought it's holiday and it is thunderstorm season?! ;-)

I understand from the FAQ that Gerbers or PCB design files will not be available in public (which I can understand in
terms of reliability of data). We have a small facility for double layer proto boards with through hole vias at work.

I have a faint hope that anyone has some surplus. E.g. ordered too much; no time,
overestimates skills, prefered to buy a pony instead, ... ;-)

If that is the case and you have PCB you do not need, drop me a PN.

Apologizes for my pert question and thanks for reading. Hopefully I can give something useful back some time.

- J├╝rgen -

Edit: BTW: I am located in the Netherlands and my native language is German.

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