Robotic lawnmower interference?
There has already been a discussion in our internal forum (search for mower or automower). An automower is one of the worst things that can happen! We have a solution for the RED stations, but even that is only a workaround. As you have a GREEN station, you can try Richos suggestion and/or maybe you can move the station to another place. But don't put too much effort in fixing this. Mowing the lawn of your neighbor by yourself could be another solution Big Grin

I have the fear that we will have more and more trouble with those stupid robot mowers for lazy gardeners in the upcoming years. Angry Maybe some ham-radio guys can ask their government agency, why (or whether) such electromagnetic pollution is allowed and what can be done against that. I don't know why those mowers need several 100 impulses per second (!) to recognize their border wire. The same functionality could be easily done with just one (or slightly more) impulses per second. Additionally the border wire should be disabled when the mower is not in use. As far as I know, it's enabled all the time (at least on some of the mower brands).
Stations: 538, 1534, 1712, 2034, 2219, 3044

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