Detector at high altitude
We plan to install a detector at our glacier (Austria, Alps, 3150m) on a cable car station, we should have free sight into every direction there. I got some questions, it would be great if you can help me with your experience.

What is the range we can expect?
Will the cable car station produce false positives?

Thanks in advance.

Greetings, Glacier
all electrical devices if not properly shielded can produce interference with the station

already test if you have a little portable am radio (thing we had as child, if you're old enough ;-) )
just tune it away from any station and walk around, you'll notice rapidly the hums from motors, electrical wire etc, if you can find a clean spot where you hear near nothing, it most probably will work and up there I guess you'll 'see' thousands of kilometers, though accuracy at those distances will be pretty low, but all stations can help.
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I think an E-Fiels Amplifier could be the right choice in your situation.
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(2014-08-04, 13:48)glacier Wrote: What is the range we can expect?
The range is not so much dependent on the height, but on the gain and signal to noise ratio of the station.

(2014-08-04, 13:48)glacier Wrote: Will the cable car station produce false positives?
Not really. You should worry more about the interference from the motor of the cable car station, which can make your station completely unusable. This is something nobody can tell you. You just have to try it.
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Thanks for your replies.

I am sorry, i should have given more information regarding my questions. I am not very worried about magnetic interferences, the whole wirings and the station motor are underground. There are several concrete walls with "a lot" of iron inside, this should pretty efficiently shield the detector. But if i am wrong on this one, i still got other positions where i can place the detector.

What i am worried about is the constant rumbling of entering cable cars into the station. For that, the E-Amp could be a solution.

Or i build a Faraday shield, i need to lightning-proof the lightning detector anyway Wink
About "rumbling" - fortunately it can not hear:-)
If you are thinking of mechanical stability, the problem is not large.
Make a double loop 40cm Ø with transformer and place it hung in a corner away from motors.
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Ah great, that was what i wanted to know. Thanks to all repliers. Now i just got to wait until kits are available again.

Greetings Glacier

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