Costs of contributing as a school project?

My local school is looking for projects to become involved in for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), as my son is at the school, and I am known to be in the broadcasting industry, I have been asked for interesting and suitable ideas,

I think contributing to this project would be a very exciting and valuable choice for the school, especially as I note that our area (Yorkshire, Northern England) is very poorly covered!

I have enquired about the availability of kits, and am, like many others, awaiting news. But, something I dont know is what are the costs involved? Particularly, how much does the standard, full, kit cost?

Also, does the project have any special support in place for school involvement in the project?

That's a good idea, once the kits are in stock I may suggest it to a few of the school IT technicians I'm in contact with in Mid Wales. Even if they (or the IT/Science teachers at the schools) don't go for it I think I'll buy a kit for myself as there's only one other in Wales and that's up on the north coast, 75 miles away.

I bought my kit earlier this year, full kit for H-field only, including ferrites, was about 200 euros, shipped from Germany. That included all components, PCBs, GPS antenna, etc. All i added were STP cables and housings.

To go completely off the board topic, but still on yours, I work for a large UK corporate and we run an educational outreach programme aimed at getting kids started in coding (although not in your part of the world, sorry!). We use Arduino-powered robots with things like obstacle sensors, line followers, ultrasonics, etc. Relatively inexpensive but great for "instant feedback". Definitely worth considering for a STEM programme.
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