Earthquake detection network
New here - Hope this is the correct place to post this idea.

I am impressed with the lightning detection network that your group has developed. From what I briefly read and understand, the lightning is triangulated by using a time on arrival to sensors at known locations. Taking this application a bit further, could a similar type of system/network be utilized as a earthquake detection/alert system?

I saw this story on NPR about earthquake detection /early warning systems (1) and now California is going to start spending some money to have these installed (2). This got me to thinking about this lightning detection network that you have collectively set up. Would it be possible to set up something similar like this (3) or (4) using your backbone of lightning detection (but forked independently) as the basis for a early warning system? Maybe this could be open-sourced and or crowd-sourced and receive some of the funding from (2). Homemade earthquake detectors appear to be reasonable in price and affordable to build (5) or (6). These could then work together in a similar manner as for lightning detection sending out text message alerts/warnings (7) when a certain number of stations detect seismic P-waves.

From what I understand, a couple of seconds of advanced warning before an earthquake hits will save a lot of lives.

(1) - Early waring earth quake detection system:
(2) - Funding of Earthquake detection system:
(3) - Earthquake network through Stanford:
(4) - USGS Earthquake warning system:
(5) - Build an earthquake detector:
(6) - Build a Seismometer:
(7) - Public Alert system:
Yes, our network is large (soon huge), and can be used for many things.
There are proposals for everything from meteor scatter to the magnetic field changes to soil changes to SID receiver and a lot of other things (I have suggested many of them)

We concentrate making the world's largest usable live lightning network.
We will soon be "experts" in measuring the frequency range up to 100kHz
MAYBE, as a spindoff, we later extend our project - MAYBE Smile
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Just FYI: There's already a MEMS motion sensor on the Discovery board (LIS302DL). But it's connected to pins we use for other purposes.

As there are already other projects with earthquake detectors, there is currently no intention to waste time here. Improving the lightning detection is much more important. Wink
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