(2014-08-25, 09:52)JCF Wrote: I could be interested in joining network from NE Spain, but I have some doubts ...
- What is the cost of a full kit, including all the required parts (excepting, maybe, boxes and wiring) for the last version ? (and including shipping to Spain)
- As above, but excluding GPS and its antenna ? (I already have some GPS modules here)
- Is your hardware directly connected to Ethernet/internet, i.e., no additional hardware required ?
The hardware requires nothing additional except a connection to the internet.
as for the cost, it totally depends on what you order and what you obtain locally, ... the simplest way is to try and become identical with all stations, and that would be get all electronic components as a kit, if possible... suggesting anywhere from 200 - 300 euros... many of us build our own antennas and save a handful of Euros, but that could be up to you. If you build both H and E field units, you only need the one controller, so a combo would be perhaps an additional 70-80 euros. You can get the cables required (Shielded CAT5/6, and coax if E field, and your power supply locally, which will save many euros on shipping
Two locations are possible....

A - Home/work, near Barcelona
Advantages (?)
- Easy supervision
- Full Internet connection
Inconvenients (?)
- Urban area. Electrical noise from surrounding electrical appliances (?)

B - Countryside, about 50 km N from Barcelona
- Quiet electrical place
Inconvenients (?)
- Remote site
- Some electrical fences, maybe 200 - 500 m away (?)
- Not full internet access. It's get through an authentiicaded proxy connection, then ...
---- What protocol/ports are used to communicate with your server ?
---- Could it work through the authentiicaded proxy connection ?

It seems that Spain is poorly covered and some stations in our area could be really useful.

Your comments will be kindly appreciated
One great thing about it, you can try both locations, before settling on one! If those 'electrical fences' are the type that transmit a signal, like a pet fence, I'd forget it. They operate right where we are trying to operate, and are extremely difficult, or impossible, to mitigate. If they are just a charged, low voltage wire "shock type" there should not be an issue.

It should work fine if you can access the internet. You'll transmit a lot of data, however... several megabytes per day.
There will be some other comments to my generalizations, hopefully... so stay tuned.


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