a station in Peru
(2014-08-28, 17:54)clif9710 Wrote: Thanks, John. When I mentioned server, I was thinking of the server that collects the station information and does the calculations before distributing the results...unless I am wrong in how I understand the system to work, that isn't done at the stations themselves.

on assembly - my plan would be to put it all together here in the states where I have all my tools, test it and then take it to Lima.

All processing of the data being received is done on the servers in Germany. Each station receiving the signals does some filtering before it is sent on to the server.

You must also have a 24/7 Internet connection via a router. Kits have been assembled in one place and then moved to other locations for permanent installation so doing what you are proposing to do would not be a problem. Being a single station in Peru, at first, will be less than ideal but, if you can get others there to install stations, effectiveness of those stations will greatly help the overall network around the world.

Does Peru have 110V ac/60Hz or some other commercial power? That will have to be taken into consideration when purchasing the kit components. You will be able to remotely make adjustments to the station however, it's the initial setup and positioning that can only be done in the environment it will be running in. You may run into multiple sources of interference and would have to locate and attempt to mitigate each one of them individually by various positioning of your antenna. Do you have the time to do that? It could take weeks or more to find the right spot.
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