Tweaking station
(2014-09-03, 19:33)PA4EME Wrote: Gain setting on the amplifier board is "working" as the 4 yellow leds will change their status when I turn the potentiometer. That was already verified at initial set up.

When connected to the controller, the potentiometer on the amplifier should not work - the green remote control LED should be lit on the amplifier and the gain is set via the controller. The yellow LEDs on the amp seem to blink from time to time (I think this is when the gain gets changed in auto mode?), but are normally off. The potentiometer should only work when the amplifier is disconencted from the controller and powered from the local USB on the amp.

It looks like your controller can read the amplifier firmware version (I guess this comes from the ATmega8), but the ATmega8 seems not to be able to detect the amplifier board type. I don't have the schematics in front of me to see how that bit works, but would suggest you look closely at the amplifier board build.
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