what is the greatest accuracy possible with the system?
Now that I know that the fixed circles shown when zoomed in the maximum amount on the real-time map indicates the range of error on a strike, I have been zooming in around North America to see how small those circles can be - to find the highest accuracy for strike location. The best accuracy I found was in the Gulf of Mexico where the circle radius is down to about 1/2 km. Though I found circles this small in other places in the CONUS, I haven't been able to find any smaller. Does that mean that this amount of error in strike location is the limit for the system?

Is there a limit on how many reporting stations are taken into account for calculating strike location? Watching the strikes in the Gulf of Mexico showed many (10 or more) reporting stations for a given strike. I ask about this because I wonder if there is a certain density of stations beyond which there is no improvement in the determination of strike location. Since the great majority of strike circles are far larger than .5 km in radius, there is obviously room for improvement right now (more stations would help).

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