Map Overlay position error? - NSW AU Oceania
(2014-10-01, 10:00)Michael.Sanders Wrote: Another anomaly I notice on the Oceania map, is whenever there is a strike detection from the station in Hawaii, the line to that station takes the "long-way" westerly around-the-world route. See attachment. The line heading off to the West is going to Hawaii. (The other 2 lines to the North West are going to Bangkok Shy and Phnom Phen.)

Maybe something to do with the International Date Line...?
Smile That will make "Lonesome Stan" Silversword, in Maui, smile, to know he's detecting across 3 oceans and continents...especially with his issue with the huge ELF Sub transmitter nearby. Stan, as far as I know, is the only station to actually be in 2 regions, , Oceania and North America. His Signal track to Region 3 is from the West, on the Reg 3 Map. You may be correct in that it's a "Dateline" thing and server parameters, ,... if memory serves, at least early on, his signals showing in Oceania came in from the east... so I have no real answer.. He's sitting out there by himself in the middle of the Pacific, awaiting development of the Blitzortung Buoy System, since that seems to be about the only way, so far, any group of receivers will be deployed around him. But he's keeping the faith!


Stations: 689, 791, 1439, 3020

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